Buderim House Destroyed by Termites

A home in 12 Raintrees Court in Buderim was destroyed by termites without the owners’ knowledge.

The exterior features of the home make it look like a dream home in a beautiful environment and in a quiet street in Buderim.

The owners of the home are a young couple that bought the house two years ago. The couple only conducted a pest inspection before they moved in with their two young kids and just like any other couple they had big plans on how they would renovate the home and make it their beautiful haven.

However, after they had just begun renovating they discovered the house was similar Snow White’s apple – charming on the outside but rotten at the core.

Consequences of Buying Such a Home

No resale value

The couple was disappointed that they had invested in the wrong property and they decided to put it back into the market. However, their agent Grant Smith from Century 21 decided to sell the property at an auction only for the land value.

Impossible to Insure

The real estate agent selling the house stated that many insurance companies concluded that the house was uninhabitable due to the structural damage which is more than 75% of the whole building.

This also means that there is no insurance company that can cover such a house. The agent also said that he had never seen such an extensive damage by termites during his working experience.

The only option left is to tear down the damaged home and build a new one.

The course of such damage has been blamed on poor construction. The house had been built with fibro cement that had no weep holes.

Therefore, there would have been no sign at all that the termites had invaded the property. The home also has a beautiful in-ground pool outside that hasn’t been damaged by the termites.

Before the owners discovered that there was termite damage, they had repainted the whole house, laid new carpet, installed new LED lighting and new blinds.

They had also gone to the extent of upgrading their kitchen and added new appliances, security screens, and a new air conditioner in the living room.

The couples agent Mr. Smith has been transparent about the condition of the house and revealed the damage by removing the plaster boards to expose the damaged walls and structure of the house.

Whilst the house is a right off, the land and location offer a potential steal for the savvy investor. The home is in a quiet cul-de-sac with only one direct neigbour and back onto council parkland.

The auction day for this property has been set for June 25th.