Ceiling Water Damage in This Modern Home

Chris from BPI Building Pest Inspections here. I’m just doing an inspection on a nice new modern home. Unfortunately I’ve just located some previous water damage. As you can see the ceiling there has been patched and painted and the water has also caused damage to the wall sheeting and also on this side of the ceiling as well.

The reason for this is there is actually a portico up at the front entrance outside and steel posts that penetrated the roof sheeting.

I’ll we’ll just take a look up to the roof void here and I’ll show you where the water has penetrated through.

Also if you look from the side here at the ceiling, you can see the sagging in the roof sheeting.

There is a fairly significant sag there.

I’ll pop-up into the roof void and you can see there’s the culprit there. There’s a steel post that penetrates through the colorbond sheet. I’d say either the flashings need sealing or the rubber flanges will need replacing.

This caused a fair bit of damage here and you can see the sagging sheeting here in the ceiling will need to be replaced.

Always get a licensed professional to inspect your home. Defects like this can go unnoticed by less experienced operators and can cost a purchaser thousands in repairs. Contact BPI Building and Pest Inspections today.