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BPI Sunshine Coast Building & Pest Inspection

A BPI Sunshine Coast Building & Pest Inspection will assist you to make an informed & confident decision in relation to the overall condition of your home in comparison to a property of similar age and construction.

You’ll benefit from the expertise of one inspector, Chris Jacobson, who is both a qualified Builder and Timber Pest Technician. Having him perform both inspections simultaneously allows for comprehensive evaluations, as issues often interact with each other. This way, you’ll receive expert opinions on required rectifications and treatments.

Experience convenience with combined Building & Pest Reports delivered and communicated together by the same inspector.

A BPI Sunshine Coast Building & Pest Inspection is carried out in in accordance with Australian Standards 4349.1- 2007 & AS 4349.3-2010 and will detail all major defects, termite activity / damage or potential problems and safety hazards to the property and will provide recommendations about remedial action you should take to bring the property to an acceptable standard. The inspection will cover all areas of the property which provide reasonable access including:

  • The Building Interior
  • The Building Subfloor
  • The Building Roof void
  • The Building Roof exterior
  • The Building Exterior
  • The Surround Site
  • All Standard Outbuildings (Granny Flats at an extra fee)
We use the latest in Thermal Imaging Technology included in all Inspections to detect moisture issues, water leaks, termite activity & other issues.
See a video of our thermal camera in action here.

A BPI Building & Pest Inspection Report lets you make your purchase decision with the best professional advice and detailed knowledge of the condition of the building structure.

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