Eumundi Building & Pest Inspection

BPI Eumundi Building & Pest Inspection Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Noosa Hinterland, Eumundi is a quaint town known for its charm and natural beauty. As the real estate market in this region continues to flourish, property buyers and investors are drawn to the allure of Eumundi. However, before you sign on the […]

Noosa Building & Pest Inspection

BPI Noosa Building & Pest Inspection A BPI Noosa Building & Pest Inspection stands as a shield against unforeseen challenges that may lurk within a property. Our comprehensive inspections go beyond the visible, identifying potential issues that could compromise the structural integrity and safety of a building. Here are some key reasons why a Noosa […]

What is a Major Defect & Minor Defect?

What is a Major Defect & Minor Defect? It’s essential to note that the classification of a defect as major or minor can vary depending on the specific circumstances, the building’s age and type, and the professional judgement of the building inspector. Major Defect: A major defect is a significant issue that adversely affects the […]

Subfloor Inspection

Subfloor Inspection – What does an inspector look for? A building inspector looks for various aspects during a Subfloor Inspection. The subfloor is a critical component of a building’s structure and highly susceptible to defects. Its integrity is crucial to ensure the stability and safety of the entire building. Here are some of the key […]

What should I ask when booking a Building & Pest inspection?

What should I ask when booking a Building & Pest inspection? A Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale Inspection is a crucial processes in Australia when buying or selling a property but this process can become stressful. At BPI Building & Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast, we endeavour to make this process as smooth as possible! When booking a […]