Buderim House Destroyed by Termites

A home in 12 Raintrees Court in Buderim was destroyed by termites without the owners’ knowledge. The exterior features of the home make it look like a dream home in a beautiful environment and in a quiet street in Buderim. The owners of the home are a young couple that bought the house two years […]

Termite activity caught in the nick of time!

I discovered Live Schedorhinotermes spp located concealed behind a cardboard box within a Subfloor storage area. The only sign of termite activity was a single mud lead located in the corner of the storage area. On further inspection, the cardboard box was removed and a termite gallery was located! The box was actually glued to […]

Termite Damage to A Steel Framed Home (Video)

As you can see in here we’ve found some live termites and they’ve caused fair bit of damage to the skirting timbers. Now the thing about this find is that it’s a steel framed home. I get told on many occasions that you never find termites in a steel framed home but as you can […]