Ceiling Water Damage in This Modern Home

Chris from BPI Building Pest Inspections here. I’m just doing an inspection on a nice new modern home. Unfortunately I’ve just located some previous water damage. As you can see the ceiling there has been patched and painted and the water has also caused damage to the wall sheeting and also on this side of […]

BPI Finds Signs of Past and Current Water Penetration to Ceilings

BPI Building and Pest Inspections finds signs of past and current water penetration to ceilings to a local property. If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other building matter, you can call Chris at BPI Building and Pest Inspections on1800 663 390 visit www.bpisunshinecoastcentral.com.au or email us on info@bpic.com.au.

Beware of the Dodgy Building Inspector!

At the conclusion of my building and pest inspection today, the owner of the house told me about a previous inspection of her property by another company. The other inspector had identified this small area of timber damage in her garage as termite damage and the purchasers withdrew from the sale. His entire inspection took […]