Termite Damage to A Steel Framed Home (Video)

As you can see in here we’ve found some live termites and they’ve caused fair bit of damage to the skirting timbers. Now the thing about this find is that it’s a steel framed home.

I get told on many occasions that you never find termites in a steel framed home but as you can see if they get in, they will attack any timber they can.

The’ll attack your skirtings, your door frames, your window frames and they’ll even have a go at kitchens and bathrooms. Here you can see they’ve even had a go at the plasterboard.

So just because you’ve got a steel framed home, doesn’t mean your home is impermeable to termites.

The good thing is is that obviously they won’t be able to do any structural damage. So for this house they’ll just need to replace the cosmetic timbers and definitely put a termite barrier around quite urgently.

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