What is a Major Defect & Minor Defect?

What is a Major Defect & Minor Defect?

It’s essential to note that the classification of a defect as major or minor can vary depending on the specific circumstances, the building’s age and type, and the professional judgement of the building inspector.

Major Defect:

A major defect is a significant issue that adversely affects the structural integrity or safety of a building. It is a defect that poses a serious risk to the occupants’ health and safety or may lead to significant damage to the property if not addressed promptly. Major defects require immediate attention and rectification to ensure the building is safe for habitation.

Examples of major defects can include:

  • Structural issues: Cracks in load-bearing walls, sagging or bowing floors, significant foundation problems.
  • Safety hazards: Electrical hazards, gas leaks, inadequate fire safety measures, unstable balustrades or handrails, etc.
  • Waterproofing failures: Severe roof leaks, water ingress causing damage to the building’s structure.
  • Pest infestations: Extensive termite damage or infestations that compromise the building’s integrity.

What is a Major Defect & Minor Defect?














Minor Defect:

    A minor defect is a less severe issue that does not pose an immediate risk to the safety or structural integrity of the building. While minor defects are not considered critical, they should still be addressed to prevent them from developing into major problems over time.
    Examples of minor defects can include:
  • Superficial cosmetic issues: Small cracks in non-load-bearing walls, chipped paint, or minor floor scratches.
  • Minor plumbing leaks or drips.
  • Non-critical electrical issues: Non-functioning light switches, minor outlet malfunctions, etc.
  • Small roof tile repairs that do not cause significant leaks.
  • Minor moisture stains on ceilings or walls.











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